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Point Ruston Waterfront Fun things to do

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Looking for a fun place to take your kids or go on a couple’s date Point Ruston waterfront  in Tacoma is the place to go. Point Ruston Waterfront is a two mile walk along the puget sound, with restaurants right on the waterfront.

With walking trails, good food, a movie theater, and a huge splash pad in the summer, you are guaranteed to have a good time. I have been to Point Ruston waterfront in Tacoma, WA a handful of times and it is easily my favorite place to take my kids for free in the summer. 

Here I have an ultimate guide to the best things to do here at Point Ruston Waterfront

Keep reading to find out….

Family friendly things to do

  • Grab swimsuits and take your little ones to the spray ground located at the plaza 
  • Head over to the movie theater and catch the new movies 
  • Check out the ice cream shop 
  • Eat pizza! Or amazing seafood
  • Take a walk along the water 
  • Kids can play at the playground 
  • Fishing 
  • Rent little cool golf cart things 

The Splash Pad 

splashpad sprayground at point ruston way waterfront in tacoma
splashpad sprayground at point ruston way waterfront in tacoma

The splash pad here is so fun for the kids! It is huge so there’s plenty of space for kids to play. There are benches and seating all around the splash pad for us parents to hang out.  There is one part of the splash pad that kids love to go on that has rocks to climb, which is fun for them but can be a little scary for parents because they may slip. If you have a kiddo that will climb up there be sure to bring some water shoes for them. 

The Playground 

playground at point ruston way waterfront in tacoma

The playground is very unique as it is shaped like a Seattle ferry. This playground swings, places to rug, jump, climb, and slide. Your kiddos will for sure have a ton of fun on this playground. There are also restrooms right next to the playground, although it can get very busy there sometimes during the summer. 

The Movie theater at Point Ruston 

The movie theater here at Point Ruston is called Cinemark Century Point Ruston and XD.

The movie theater is located in the center of the outdoor plaza and it is a very nice and clean movie theater. The staff there were also very helpful and this movie theater plays all of the latest movies that are out right now. 

What movies are playing at Point Ruston today?

To find out what movies are playing check out their official Cinemark website here.

What to eat at Point Ruston Waterfront

what to eat @funfrugaladventures

There are lots of good eats within the outdoor plaza and on the waterfront.

Here are some notable eats at the plaza and on the waterfront. 

outdoor plaza at point ruston way waterfront

Places to eat at the Outdoor Plaza: 

  • Ice cream social – Amazing, yummy, and plenty of flavors to choose from and always has people lined up to get ice cream. 
  • Farellie’s pizza – handmade pizza 
  • What a catch (best fish and chips spot)

Waterfront restaurants:

Here are restaurants on the waterfront that are perfect for a romantic date. 

Pack a lunch and sit at one of the picnic tables and have lunch with an amazing water view. 

Fuzhou Ting – Chinese reconciliation park 

A beautiful Ting from Fuzhou China that was built in 2011. This pergola is located right along the waterfront at 1741 N. Schuster Parkway, Tacoma, WA 98403. 

Can you have a wedding here ?

Yes, you can have your wedding at the Fuzhou Ting. There is a rental fee of $350 for 2- hours.

Is there parking here?

Yes there is a small parking lot that has around 15 parking spaces. 

For more information head to the tacoma metro parks official website 

Where to stay on the waterfront of Point Ruston in Tacoma 

SIlver cloud Ruston way  – Silver Cloud is a 4- star hotel with beautiful rooms and you also have the option to have a sea view room. 

Point Ruston info 

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What kind of events are held at Point Ruston?

  • Farmers market 
  • 4th of July events 
  • Cinco de mayo events 
  • Community yoga events 

Is there a movie theater at Point Ruston Waterfront?

Yes, there is a movie theater called Cinemark Century Point Ruston and XD, this movie theater is located near the center of the outdoor plaza. The address to the movie theater is 5057 main street, Tacoma  98407. 

Where is Point Ruston Waterfront located?

Point Ruston Waterfront is located at Ruston Way, Tacoma WA 98402. Here is a link to the google map for Ruston way

What is the parking situation like at Point Ruston Waterfront in Tacoma?

There is a dedicated paid parking lot right across from the plaza and there are parking areas right across the street from the waterfront restaurants.  We have never had an issue finding parking, for the best parking spots go early in the morning or on a weekday is best. 

Tip: You can also drive around and park on the street for free near the outdoor plaza.

What does it cost to go to Point Ruston Waterfront?

Point Ruston Waterfront is free to enter. We have visited plenty of times and have spent no money. We would pack lunch and the kids can play at the playground and run around on the splash pad, it’s a great outing for families. 

Are there restrooms on site?

Yes, there is a restroom right next to the kids playground. 

What things can you do at Point Ruston Waterfront?

 You can bike, swim, launch boats, fish from the pier, walk along the beach. Head to the outdoor plaza to catch a movie, play at the playground, splash pad, check out the cool shops,  check out the yummy food options and more. 

Looking for more fun family- friendly things to do in Tacoma check out our post on Wright Park to get all of the info and enjoy the park, cool splash pad, walking trails, greenhouse and more.

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