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How much does it cost to go to Disney World (2024)?

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Wanting to plan a trip to Disney World and wondering how much it cost?

The cost to go to Disney World can be anywhere from $2,332 (for 2 adults) to $5,176 for a family of 4 . This number includes just the basics and can vary depending on many factors from if you are driving, flying, packing food or buying food at the parks, discounts,  if you are going to do upgrades and much more.

Don’t worry I am here to help you figure all of this out, I have numbers, research and a planner. I went to Disney last year with two adults and before I wrote this article I was doing the same research as you are for our trip with our kiddos this year. 

Let’s get started and break this down !

Disney World Theme Park Ticket Prices 

Park tickets are going to be one of your biggest expenses and paying for them or saving up for them early will be best. First you want to decide how many days you want to go to the parks and then if you want to do a park hopper (more than 1 park in a day ) or 1 park per day.

disney world ticket prices 2024

Tickets start at $116( tax included) for a 1- day ticket per person, but let’s be honest most of us will do more than 1 day. The sweet spot is 2 parks (1 per day or park hopper). Two parks, 1 per day will start at $244(tax included) per person. 

If you would like to add a water park to your two day ticket that will be $300+ per person. 

If you would like to add a park hopper to each day it will cost $304+. 

Total park ticket cost  : 2 adults ( $488 – $725 w/tax) depending on the day you go 

Family of 4 with the adult ticket ( $976 – $1450 w/ tax)

( If your kiddos are between 3-9 you will get a discount and under 3 is free)

disney world child ticket prices

Can you do two parks in 1 day?

Yes, you absolutely can. I did it with adults only , no kids and we had the best time. However you do want to keep in mind that you will not be able to see everything single thing and if you go in with that in mind you will have so much fun. 

What are the cheapest months to go to Disney World ? 

For 2024 the cheapest months are in August and September( I believe due to kids going back to school during this time) with prices starting at $109+ for 1- day ticket.  

What are the most expensive months to go to Disney World?

The months with the highest prices this year are in December with prices starting at $169+ for a 1-day ticket. 

Disney Water Park Ticket Prices

water park only disney world ticket prices

Annual Ticket prices

Discounts and Special Offers 

Disney has a special offer going on right now for their 3-day and 4-day tickets.

The 3-day park ticket is only for Hollywood studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot, yeah no Magic Kingdom. I was disappointed when I saw this because were doing Magic Kingdom this year, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbled. However, the 4-day park ticket is for all 4 parks, which is cool. 

This special price is from April 2 – September 24th.

disney world special offers 3-day and 4-day

Florida residents discounts

Florida residents can save up to 40% on their park tickets. This makes me want to move to Florida just for the Disney discounts, lol. Check out this chart that I made for you guys below with the Florida resident discount and you will be amazed. 

*Prices do not include taxes

florida residents annual pass

Florida resident ticket prices

florida residents park ticket prices by day


Another cost that you need to think about is transportation and that will determine your transportation cost.

  • Driving your own car ( awesome and you only have to worry about gas) 
  • Rent a car (this can get expensive, try and reserve your car early)

-I love enterprise and Avis, but this past year we discovered Toro which is half the cost and has worked out well for us. 

  • Uber (This is a cheap option especially if your hotel is not too far from Disney World)
  • Hotels with a Shuttle or so close that you can walk to Disney World ( Cheapest option)

Total Transportation cost : Enterprise rental car – average $450 for 1 week rental with tax included

We’re going to go with the highest possible transportation cost which would be car rental and then if  you’re choosing a different transportation option then you can cut this cost in your budget. 


If you LOVE to eat like me this is going to be costly and if your kiddos are going with you it will be even more. I have a solution for you and this is what I plan to do with our Disney trip coming up..……

Eating at Disney can cost an average of  ($ 10-15 per person ) 2 adults – ($30 max), family of  4 ($60 max) for snacks and quick service meals. I’m not going add in the more expensive dinning like “Be our guest or character dining “, because that is more of a special occasion, and were doing a base cost to go to Disney World.

Okay so here is the save-money food plan:

Breakfast– Eat breakfast at the hotel

Snack – Bring food in your park bag., 

Lunch – eat at Disney

Snack– eat at Disney 

Dinner – eat at the park 

Snack – bring in a park bag  or eat a snack at home

Total food cost per day:  2 adults ( ($100 max), Family of 4 ( $180 max), $50 per person

Let’s add in $50 for food that you purchase at the store for snacks.

Tips to save money on food at the park

  1. Eat breakfast at the hotel 
  2. Bring drinks for the park (reusable water bottles, juice boxes, etc. )
  3. Purchase breakfast foods ( instant oatmeal, breakfast bars, cereal/milk, OJ, etc. )
  4. Purchase snacks for the park (chips, breakfast bars, candy, 

Don’t worry we’re still going to eat at the parks too, just less, which will save money!

  1. Purchase a few extra foods for the hotel for when you are hungry at other times ( macaroni cups, pbj sandwiches, sandwich items like meat, cheese, bread, chips, etc. )
  2. If you want to save even more money do not eat at the park at all and pack your whole day of food in one of those Disney cooler backpacks. I could not do this, the snacks at Disney just look too yummy to not get any, but if you’re strong enough go for it.


Hotels near Disney usually are going to range from $100 a night to $700 a night. Now I know that myself and my fun frugal adventure family are not spending $700 a night so I am not even going to list those hotels here. 

We are going to cap this price at $150 a night, which will get you a nice hotel that you can pick from. Some of my favorite sites to get hotels on are, and or I will go directly to the hotel’s website.

If you are set on staying at a Disney resort, wait and stay on the lookout for sales and I’m sure you can get a decent price with one of their budget options. 

Total average price for a 7-day stay is $1,100 , this is around $140 a night. Depending on when you decide to go this price may be a little lower or a little higher, but try not to go above $150 a night.


Flights are expensive whether you are on the east-coast or on the West coast and this is why my family  is driving ( we live on the east side so it’s only an 8-9 hr drive ). When we priced it out it cost $1200-2000 for 4 of us and to drive it’s only $250 so road trip it is.  If you are close enough to drive do it, if not start searching for flights early and pay for it early. 

The average price for flights to Disney World is around $300 per person if you are already on the east side of the United States and $600 per person if you live on the west side of the U.S. 

The best site to start checking for the best flights is hands down Google Flights. Google Flights allows you to look at a calendar and pick the date that has the lowest price which is super user friendly and they also allow you to track your flights and get it sent directly to your email. Check out this article on finding the cheapest flights for the best tips. 

Total flight costs : $300 – $600 per person 

Add ons and upgrades

There are various ad-ons and upgrades that are fun to have, but can also add on to your cost. 

From genie + / lightning lane to photo pass and much more, here is a list of some add-on that you can choose from. 

  • Genie + – $17 and up( prices can vary depending on the day)
  • Individual Lightning lane – $7 – $25 ( price depends on the ride )
  • Photo pass/ memory maker  – $75  for one day and up 
  • Bibbidi bodbidi boutique  – $99.95 and up 
  • After hours park tickets – $75 to $165 plus tax depending on the park that you choose

And the Total cost to go to Disney World per person is……..drum roll please…………….

1- park day, 2 adults – $2,332

1 park day, family of 4 – $4,664

2 park day , 2 adults – $2,588

2 park day, family of 4 – $5,176

*this includes an average flight (round trip), rental car (1-week), and hotel (1-week) price

*These prices are for around June which may be less than if you are traveling in December.

Disney World Cost Facts 

Can you purchase Disney World tickets with Disney gift cards? 

Yes, you absolutely can purchase Disney World tickets with a Disney gift card. However, you can only use 1 gift card when you purchase your tickets. One solution to this is to combine gift cards on the disney gift card website and then use that card to purchase your tickets. 

Can you purchase Disney world tickets at the gate? Online vs. at the gate

Yes, you absolutely can purchase your tickets at the gate, however I do not advise it. As of today Disney does not require reservations, but they did not too long ago. If they decide to go back to reservations these tickets can sell out and it would really suck to get to the gate and not be able to go in. Plus it’s so much easier to just have your tickets in hand whether it’s on your phone, apple watch, magic band or printed.

If you are planning your trip to Disney World check out some of my other helpful articles that will help you with your planning.

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