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Family – Friendly things to do at Harrah’s Ak-chin Casino

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girl sitting with sculpture at harrah's ak-chin casino in arizona
hallway at harrah's ak-chin casino hotel

If you are looking for a quick weekend getaway with or without kids. The Harrah’s Ak-chin casino in Maricopa, AZ is the place to go. I went with my kiddos and grandmother, who had a free room and the kids had the best time. 

If you’re wondering what on earth is there to do for kids at a casino and is it family friendly. Keep reading below as I share with you things to do, plus tips to make your trip awesome!

Let’s start with the fun stuff! 

The pool at the Harrah’s Ak-chin Casino

little kids at pool at at harrah's ak-chin casino hotel

One of my favorite things to do when traveling with kids is relaxing at the pool.

The kids have the best time at the pool. The pool at the Harrah’s Ak-chin was clean, a nice size and it also had a rope off section just for families and kids,  the other side is for the adults with a poolside bar. One of the Times that we went, the bartender even gave our little ones and other families’ kiddos Non-alcoholic slushy drinks. 

Every time that we went to Harrah’s Ak-chin we were lucky to meet other families with kids.

When you’re going to the casino sometimes it can feel a little awkward having kids there, so when you’re able to find other families that definitely makes it more comfortable. And plus the kids will have friends to play with at the pool or the arcade.

Ak-chin Circle 

arcade games at harrah's ak-chin casino hotel
ak-chin circle entertainment at harrah's ak-chin casino hotel

The Ak-chin Circle is in the building across the street. They have everything from bowling to arcade games, and laser tag and there’s even a movie theater.  When we visited the laser tag area was being renovated, so we didn’t get to experience that area. However the bowling was really fun and my kiddos had fun playing the arcade games. 

The movie theater at the Harrah’s Ak-chin Casino

The movie theater is very nice with a concession stand and  all of the new movies with multiple showing times to choose from. 

What movies are playing at the Harrah’s Ak-chin movie theater? 

They have many current movie options, check out a list of times and movies playing here at Harrah’s Ak-chin Circle website. 

what to eat @funfrugaladventures

My favorite part, THE FOOD! 

yumy food at harrah's ak-chin casino hotel

There are many options to choose from here at the resort with prices for every budget. The two places that we went to often were Copper Cactus Grill and Dunkin Donuts for breakfast/ coffee. 

The Copper Cactus grill is an all american type of cuisine with pizza, burgers, chicken strips, sandwiches,salads and much more. The meals that we purchased were $10 or less and they come with good size portions. 

When going with kids bring food and snacks with you as well to save money. On our trip we packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, juices, cereal, milk, mac and cheese cups, and snacks. Then we would go out to eat one or two times during our 3 day stay. 

The Rooms

hotel rooms at harrah's ak-chin casino hotel

There are two different buildings, the High Rise, which is the newer building and there is the Cactus Tower. Both buildings have beautiful rooms and amazing views. We chose to do the High Rise rooms and they definitely did not disappoint. The rooms had a contemporary style, very spacious, clean, and had all of the amenities that you could possibly ask for. 

Check out these amazing renovated rooms here!

The Staff

The staff here was absolutely amazing, especially the front desk. They really made us feel comfortable and were very helpful.

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Where is Harrah’s Ak-chin located?

Harrah’s Ak-chin is located at 15405 N Maricopa Rd, Maricopa, AZ. The closest large city is Tucson. 

What is the parking situation like?

Parking here is free and there is garage parking at each building or your can also park in the front which is uncovered parking. 

Can kids or babies go to the Harrah’s Ak-chin Casino Hotel?

Yes, kids and babies can go to the hotel, however kids and babies can not be on the casino floor. You can walk through the casino to get to your destination like the restaurant, pool, etc. but you can not stop or hang out. The staff will let you know that the kids can not be there, they do monitor this very closely.

Who do I contact if I have a question? 

You can contact Harrah’s Ak-chin by telephone at 480-802-5000 or at their official website at

How can I get free rooms at the Casino?

You can get free rooms at the Casino by spending money at the casino. The more you play the more rewards, free room, free play more, and food credit you will get. 

Is the Harrah’s Ak-chin Casino family friendly?

Yes, the Harrah’s Ak-chin Casino is family friendly. They have many activities that kids can enjoy like swimming at the pool, bowling, laser tag, watching movies at the movie theater and more. 


skyline view from the hotel room  at harrah's ak-chin casino hotel

Overall our experiences here at the Harrah’s Ak-chin hotel was amazing and we would definitely return. From the beautiful rooms to the delicious food, to the family-friendly inviting environment that they have created. There are plenty of family-friendly activities as well like bowling, laser tag, a movie theater, and more. 

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