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Is the Disney Magic Band+ Worth it? Ultimate Guide 2024

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Disney Magic Band+ sally and iron man

Are you planning a trip to Disney and thinking should I purchase the Disney magic band?

What do Disney magic bands do and is it worth it? Let’s be honest, you are spending thousands already for this Disney trip, should you really spend $30-$65 more.

 Even I myself had these thoughts on my first trip to Disney World and I ended up purchasing the Disney Magic Band +.

And I am Happy that we did !

There are so many cool things about these bands from your favorite character band designs, to entry into the parks, to the fun lights that light up on your wrist. 

 In this post I will give you all the info to help you make your decision. I will also help you with some issues that we ran into with our magic band and how we solved them. 

First things first….

What are Disney Magic bands?

Disney Magic Bands are a band that you put on your wrist as you would with a watch and it allows you to become even more immersed in the magical world of Disney. This band allows you to have interactive experiences at the parks and gives you perks while staying at Disney resorts. You can even customize your watch within the Disney app when you connect it to your account.

Wondering what else these magic bands can do, let’s start with one of my favorite features!

Use your Disney magic band to enter the parks

Yes, you can get into the parks with just your magic band. 

That’s right, no digging in your bag looking for your printed ticket and no scrolling through your phone(what if your phone service goes out, that would suck).

Simply add your ticket to your Disney account, connect it with your magic band, walk  to the entrance, tap your band on the Mickey light and walk on in. This was one of my favorite features of the magic band, it made me feel like I was VIP (haha).  

How do you add your park ticket to your magic band?

  1. First charge your magic band 
  2. Download the My disney experience app – for Disney world or Disneyland for Disneyland. 
  3. Create an account or login ( if you already have Disney plus account you can use the same log in )
  4. Click the 3 lines on the on the bottom right
  5. Click tickets and passes to add your ticket 
  6. Then hit link tickets and pass and follow directions on the screen, you can also add your magic bands here as well.
  7. Another way to link you  can add your magic band to your account  is to hit the 3 lines at the bottom left and scroll down to click magic bands and follow directions to link you magic band. 

If you are traveling with family and you have already added your tickets to one account and have your magic band on another account. You can talk to Disney on the phone or at the park and they can connect your accounts , so that you can add your ticket to your magic band. 

This happened to us! So when we got to the Hollywood Studios park we went straight to customer service, which was right next to the entrance and they were really nice and able to connect our accounts so that we both can use our magic bands to enter the next park since we did park hopper.

Photo pass 

When you walk by the photo pass area when you get off a ride, your band will start flashing/vibrating and it will automatically send your photos of the ride to your Disney account on your phone. This was a surprise to use and a really cool one. 

We were leaving the tower of terror ride . Not only did it send us a photo, but it also sent us a cool video from the ride. You do have to purchase the photos of course to keep them and no you can not screenshot ( I tried, haha!).

You can also purchase the Memory maker which captures all photos that you take within the park at specific locations starting at $75 and goes up from there.

fun frugal tips at

Bring a portable charge to give your Disney Magic Band extra charge( although ours lasted all day). When you’re waiting in line for a ride ( which can be over an hour) or eating you can plug it in, pop in in your backpack and let it charge.

Customize your band 

Another cool feature on the Disney magic band plus is that you can customize your colors on your band. I thought that this was super cool and decided to change my color to purple to match my band. To customize your band you can simply head to your Disney app and once you link your band, you can customize your colors. 

What character and color options do they have to choose from?

On there are a few choices to choose from ( 36 )

  • Mickey
  • Disneyland theme
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Captain America
  • Spiderman
  • Stich
  • all basic colors(red,grey,blue,pink etc. )
  • Winnie the pooh
  • Frozen
  • Encanto

and a few more…

There are not many options on Disney official site, However if you go to Disney Springs or at the parks there are tons more to choose from. I got ours from Disney Springs. If there is a specific character that you want you may have a better chance there.

Magic Band plus is one size fits all 

Magic band + are one size fits all. You can simply pull your band apart and adjust it to fit your wrist. I actually had to use the smaller size because my wrist is smaller, my husband even joked with me and said my wrist was so small I had to use the kid size adjustment. 

After you adjust your magic band to fit smaller can you go back to the larger size?

No, once you pull the band apart to make it smaller, you can not connect it back to make it larger.

Fireworks shows 

The lights on your magic band will sync with firework shows. Now this may not seem like a cool  feature  but when you are there, the fireworks are going and you look at your watch and it’s blinking to the same beat as the fireworks, it is awesome! I forgot to record the magic band, I was so focused on the fireworks, but I will remember to record for you guys when we go back this year. This can also be a huge hit with little ones, they would get super excited looking at the lights and the fireworks too. 

Disney Resort and Walt Disney World Resort only features

Here are a few more features exclusive to those who are staying at the resort.

  • Use your band to purchase food and items from stores 
  • Charge Food and item purchases to your card on file at the resort. ( will have a pin that you create at check-in )
  • Unlock your room with your band( using direct to room service through the app)
  • Access resort areas like pool , laundry, etc. 

How to get your Disney magic band if you are staying at a Disney resort and are they free ?

Magic bands are no longer free for guests staying at Disney resorts, however you can purchase them. You may purchase your bands on shop Disney, at the park, at the resort, Disney Springs or you can also order them to be shipped to your room for your stay through your resort stay reservation. 

If you are planning a trip to Disney, purchase your band early to save more money. Be on the  lookout for sales around the holidays and when the seasons are changing.

Lightning Lane/ Genie + 

You can use your magic band to enter your reserved time for your lightning lane and ride reservations. You simply add your magic band to your account and pay for genie + or lightening lane, then you can just walk up to the line, tap your band on mickey, and enjoy your ride.

Interactive experience

At Disney world you can experience different interactions or gestures from the characters. Your band will also light up and interact with rides. Bounty hunter interactions, where you can play a little game and find your bounty (your Disney app will guide you to the way). This is super fun for the little ones and for us adults.

Disney World facts

Where can I buy Disney magic bands?

You can purchase your magic band+ and magic band 2 online at, at the Disney Parks/ Disney world parks, in the Disney store locations, and also at Disney Springs. You can also purchase them from 3rd party places like eBay, Amazon , Facebook marketplace and more. 

However you never know what you’re going to get, you could end up with a bad magic band. I personally would suggest purchasing it in person, they had tons of character options at Disney Springs in Orlando and the staff was very knowledgeable on the products. 

Are Disney magic bands waterproof ?

Yes, the Disney magic bands are waterproof according to the official shop Disney website and I also have friends who have used their bands at the water parks. So if you’re headed on the splash mountain ride or one of the Disney water parks like blizzard beach, don’t worry you can totally wear your band. 

Do you need Disney magic bands at Disney world ?

No, you absolutely do not need to have a magic band to have an amazing experience . However, Having a magic band just enhances the magical experience that Disney offers. Would I purchase another one if mine broke or stopped working , No. Will I purchase one for our kiddos when we go to Disney this year, Hell Yes!

How much do Disney magic bands cost?

Disney Magic Bands can range from $35 for the basic Disney colors to $45 for character bands and $65 for some limited edition bands. They do go on sale occasionally. Even today I looked on Shop Disney and they had a magic band for $16 (it was a blue park design).  If you know that you will be heading to Disney world or Disneyland be on the lookout for sales, so that you can save some money. 

I already have the original Disney magic band, do I really need to purchase the plus?

No, you don’t have to purchase the Disney Magic band plus, however the plus version of the magic bands do a whole lot more than the original or the magic band 2 . If you want to have an even more magical experience at Disney World or Disneyland then, YES you should definitely purchase the new version. When I went on our adults(parents) only vacation with my brother in law and his wife they had the magic band 2 and we had the magic band +. I have to admit ours had so many more cool features.

How long does the Magic band plus battery last at the park? 

Yes, It is possible for your Disney magic band to last the entire day, however it depends on how much you are using it and if it was fully charged . 

We charged our magic bands the night before, made sure that they were charging and our bands lasted the entire day at two parks. We used it to get into the park,  a few interactions around the park, and it came on during the whole fireworks show. 

What do the Magic Band+ charging lights mean?

Your magic band + will give you light clues to show if it is charging and how much has charged. the light

  • Red- no battery or not charging
  • Yellow – flashing means your battery is getting low
  • Green – flashing means fully charged
  • Blue – your watch Bluetooth is ready to pair
  • Light yellow color -your watch is charging(the light will show a 1/4 of the circle showing what percentage your watch is charging until it is full and forms a full circle then turns green.

How long do magic bands last in general?

Magic bands can last up to 5 years. I have had mine for 1 ½  years now, so we will see and I will let you guys know in this post if mine last longer. 

Does my magic band have to be charged to enter my room ?

No,  your magic band does not have to be charged to enter your room or for lightening lane entrances. However Disney does advise on their site to charge you watch fully before heading out. 

Can you use magic band or magic band 2 at the Disneyland resort?

No, at this time in 2024 these watches are only available to Disney world resorts. According to the Disney website you can not link these bands to the Disneyland app. You can however use the magic band + at the Disneyland resort and parks.

Can you link your magic band to multiple accounts?

No, once your magic band is linked to your account, you can not transfer or change it to another account.

Magic band not working (lights not working , wont connect to Bluetooth etc.), how to fix your magic band?

There are some troubleshooting that you can do

  • Factory reset – press the button on the back of your watch once quickly, then press it again holding it down for 15 seconds. Your watch will buzz and then light up rainbow colors to let you know that it is resetting. Then a green light to let you know that it is done.
  • There are software updates within the Disney app for your Disney magic band.
  • Your battery may be dead– check the battery level by plugging it in or on the Disney app.
  • If your Bluetooth is not working try uninstalling and re-installing the app. At the same time turn your phone Bluetooth off and back on.

If none of this works, try contacting Disney or it may be time for a new Band .

Why is my magic band lights flashing or vibrating?

  • You may have just passed a photo pass (check your Disney account on the app, it will show you your picture) or an interactive experience at the park.
  • Your battery may be low (check your Disney app and go to magic band, it will show your battery level).

Will You be purchasing a Disney Magic band for your next trip to Disney World?


 If you already have a magic band, do you think it was worth it for your Disney Experience?

Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you guys !

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