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11 simple ways to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world

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Simple and easy way to find cheap flights every time to anywhere in the World.

Are you looking to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world?

Flights can be one of the most expensive parts of any vacation, especially when buying multiple tickets for a family. 


There are ways to find the cheapest flights possible and save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your flights.

I have booked many flights over the years for myself and my family. Through a little trial and error, I have found the best ways to find cheap flights, from what website to book from to the sites that have the best price tracking for flights.

 I have found flights as cheap as $49 a ticket and have even heard of people finding flights for $12. 

Crazy right? 

In this article, I will share my secrets to getting the cheapest flights possible to anywhere in the world.

Be brave and try different airlines( budget airlines to be exact)

 It is no secret that some airlines are more expensive than others, we call them budget airlines. Picking a budget airline can easily save you hundreds of dollars (seriously). 

I know we all have our favorites.

Mine is Delta or Alaska Airlines and every time I start to book a flight these are always the first two airlines that I choose for various reasons. 

However, you may have to pick a budget-friendly airline to find cheap flights.

Here is an example 

I’m going to look at flights from Atlanta to LAX which is from the east side of the U.S. to the west side, usually, these trips are $500 and up round trip.  Let’s look at 1 week from July 10th to July 17th. This is after the 4th of July so it shouldn’t be as expensive. 

cheap flights to anywhere in the world

Looking at this chart I could save $200 just by going with a budget airline such as Frontier or Spirit and even American Airlines is another cheaper option.

The only con to these budget airlines is some don’t allow you to have any carry-on bags. This is something to keep in mind when searching for your flights.

Here is a list of budget airlines for you to consider when looking for cheap flights:

  • Spirit airlines 
  • Frontier 
  • Allegiant 
  • Sun country airlines
  • Jet Blue 
  • Breeze Airlines 
  • Southwest Airlines 
  • Virgin America
  • American Airlines

Sign up for price-tracking alerts 

Having price alerts sent directly to my email is my favorite way to find cheap flights and the first thing that I do as soon I know we are going on a trip.

There are flight websites that will allow you to track your flight prices via email so that you will know when a price goes up or down.

Having flight price tracking sent to your e-mail address is a must if you want to find the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world. 

Signing up for price tracking will also allow you to learn some of the patterns of price changes throughout the year to better prepare for your next trip.

 Every time I book a flight I immediately put my flight information in on Google Flights since I have a Gmail and start to track the prices with Google Flights.

Here is a list of my favorite sites that allow you to track your flight prices:

Choose an alternate airport in your state 

  One thing that I have found from booking flights is that different airports will have different prices.

 The larger airports tend to have cheaper flights than smaller airports and the price difference can save you hundreds of dollars. When going to a website to book your flight, play around with different filters to change the airport, and don’t forget to check the flights both ways. 

One thing to keep in mind when choosing different airports is that depending on where you live you may have to drive further. You have to ask yourself if the cost of gas to drive there is less than the amount of money that you can save on a flight to an airport that is further away. 

You can spend $40 on gas to drive to a different airport but the flight that you book is saving you $300. I don’t know what you guys would do, but I would make the drive to save money.

Avoid holidays and school breaks

Holidays are known to be one of the most expensive times to travel whether it is Christmas, 4th of July, Memorial Day, or Thanksgiving. This does not mean you can’t travel during these times. However, If you are looking for the cheapest flights it is best to avoid these times if possible. 

If you have kids you know that most people plan family vacations during school breaks and that can include spring break, summer break, winter break, and more. These times are some of the worst times to travel. Not only are they expensive, but they can also be super crowded. 

This can also be a tough one if you have kids, because your kiddos may be in school when flights are cheaper. One tip that I can give you guys is to book your trip towards the end of a school break or the beginning of a school break. There may be fewer people going on vacations during this time. 

Choose your destination based on the price 

 This one is for adventurous fun frugal families!

Choosing your flight based on the price is the most simple and quickest way to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world. If it is $700 to go to Italy and $1200 to go to Japan, then we are headed to Italy, guys. 

A lot of sites make this easy and will have a list on the flights page with all of the cheap flights based on the city during that time.

 There are also sites like Google Flights that have an actual map that you can look at and the prices will be right there on the map and you can click it to find out more info. I think that this is a great way to find the cheapest flights and is also user-friendly to help you find flights quickly. 

Check different websites for flight prices 

If you want to find the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world you have to check different websites. All sites are not the same, some sites are hard to navigate to find the cheapest flights, and other sites don’t even have budget airlines.

I know how easy it is to have a favorite website that you go to to book your flights.

For me, that used to be Priceline, I don’t know why but every time I booked a flight when I was younger I would go straight to Priceline and not look at any other sites. 

Big mistake!

Now that I have more experience in booking flights, in my 30s, and care about saving money, I have used multiple websites and now know the absolute best ones to start with. 

When I book my flights now I always start with Google Flights or Skyscanner, there is no better website to start with than these. The reason I like these two in particular is because they are extremely user-friendly and show budget airlines. These websites make finding the cheapest flights and the right price for your budget simple. Once you pick your flight Skyscanner and Google Flights will send you directly to the airline website to book your flight. There is no middle man you are booking directly with the airline so you know it is legit. 

My favorite part of Google Flights is the calendar that shows your flight price based on the date you are looking to fly.

My favorite part of Skyscanner is the show me flights to everywhere and they also include cheap budget airlines that you can choose from.

Join your favorite airline loyalty programs 

Most airlines have loyalty programs that will give you rewards (miles) for the flights that you take. For example, Delta has a loyalty program called Skymiles and you earn miles that you can use for future flights, flight upgrades, packages, and more. These loyalty programs are very beneficial especially if you fly frequently.

My aunt works for Alaska Airlines and flies a lot for work, so she gets thousands of points and always has free flights. She even paid for our flights with her points once when we had to go back to Seattle.

If you don’t fly frequently it may take a long time to build up points and be able to use your rewards.

Here is a list of some Airlines that offer free loyalty programs

Airlines that give free flights or discounts

If you are traveling with kids finding airlines that offer free or discounted tickets is a great way to save money on your flights. A select few airlines will offer free flights or discounts for kids. 

Most of these offers come with some requirements.

You may have to pay for the taxes on your tickets, have an adult fare with it, or can only go to a specific destination for a specific date. 

If your kiddos are under 2 years old they can fly free with most flights.  Your child will share your seat with you and can sit on your lap. I did this with both of my kids when they were little, it was a great experience and surprisingly not a hassle at all. 

Go with the flow and be flexible with dates and times 

Being flexible with your dates and times can save you hundreds of dollars. Prices for flights often change and the date or time you choose will affect those prices. When searching for flights be as flexible as you can to get the cheapest flights for your next trip. 

Book your flight early, but not too early 

In my experience booking flights, you need to book your flights early. If you book your flights too early, for instance, a year in advance, you are guaranteed to pay a higher price than what you would if you waited a little longer. 

How early should you book your flights in advance?

You should book your flights 60-90 days in advance, this seems to be the sweet spot and when flight prices will start going up and down a lot. 

One step that you need to do ASAP is to set your flight price tracking early and make sure it is coming to your email. This will allow you to not miss any price drops for your future flights. 

Don’t choose non-stop flights 

When you are searching for a flight the majority of the time, but not always, booking a non-stop flight will be more expensive than booking a flight that has one or more stops. 

 Also having layovers can be fun, you can explore the airport and try different foods at that airport that you may not have been able to try in your state. 

It’s a win-win!

Take advantage of overnight layovers 

Overnight layovers are a great way to explore and get to go to two cities for the price of one and these types of tickets will also save you money on your flights.

I just looked up a flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles that had a 22-hour layover in Houston, Texas from Spirit Airlines. You can go explore downtown, visit a museum, or even a park. 

Doing overnight layovers is definitely for the adventurous ones, I would not advise you to do this with kids. 

Get a travel rewards credit card 

Using a rewards travel credit card is a great way to get cheap discounts on your flights. These types of credit cards will give you reward points or miles for your everyday purchases. If you are going to start to use travel rewards credit cards, do it early as some of these travel reward credit cards can take a while to build up points. 


Finding cheap flights that will save you hundreds of dollars can be easy, it just takes a little bit of effort. 

  1. Sign up for flight price tracking as soon as possible 
  2. Sign up for an email list from cheap flight websites
  3. Book your flight early, but not too early
  4. Book a flight that has stops instead of non-stop 
  5. Pick budget airlines 
  6. Book a flight from a different airport 
  7. Be flexible with your dates and the times that you fly 
  8. Avoid holidays and school breaks, if possible 
  9. Check out airlines that offer kids fly-free or kid discounts for families 
  10. Choose the best flight search websites 
  11. Sign up for Airline loyalty programs 
  12. Choose your destination based on the price 
  13. Take advantage of overnight layovers

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