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What is the best age to take your kids to Disney World for an unforgettable experience?

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Do you need help deciding what age to take your kids to Disney World or Disneyland?

Going to Disney can be a truly magical experience and you want your kids to experience it fully. This is why deciding the age to take your little ones to Disneyland or Disney World is an important step in the Disney trip planning process. 

The first time I went to Disney was at age 5 and the only thing I remember is getting in trouble for dropping my mom’s ice and putting it back in her cup (and not telling her) and I kind of remember the parade with Mickey, that is all. 

Even though I dont remember much, It is still a special core memory for me, esspecially looking back at the pictures.

Check out the photo in the pin at the end of this post, yep thats me, 5 year old ashlee.

There are things that you need to consider when deciding what age to take your kids to Disney World from the cost to whether will they remember it, whether they will enjoy it, whether can they go on the rides, and more. I am here to help you will it.

First things first……


The first thing that we are going to talk about when deciding what age to take your kids to Disney World is ticket costs, we all know that Disney is not cheap. 

Even though kids ages 3-9 tickets are around 5% cheaper than the adult Disney World tickets.

If your little one is ages 3 and up you will be paying over $100 for a 1 park, one-day ticket. If you want to go to multiple parks that is going to up your costs even more. This is why considering what age is best to go to Disney World is important.

On the other hand, if your little one is age 2 and under they are FREE. I advise every parent to take advantage of any place that offers free admission to kids 2 and under. 

Do you remember the time we went to Disney ( in my Michael Jackson singing voice)

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Another thing to consider when deciding what age is best to go to Disney World is if they will remember it. Some adults can remember things from when they were 3 years old and some can’t remember anything before the age of 10. 

Looking at it from another point of view, we as parents enjoy Disney as well, so even if our kiddos won’t remember, we will. You can take lots and lots of pictures to show them when they get older, believe me they will appreciate it.

Oops…. I had an accident 

Imagine this you are on a ride or show at Disney and your little one has an accident.

When your kids are in the potty training phase accidents will happen and If all they are wearing is underwear that can be a big mess and stress for both of you. 

If your little one is in diapers, this may be a little easier since any accidents will be in the diaper. 


The best age to take your kid to Disney is when your kids are fully potty trained, and maybe even go to Disney a year after they are fully potty trained just to be on the safe side 

Rides for the kiddos  

Going on rides with your kiddos is a super fun experience and considering their height is something to think about when deciding the best age to go to disney world. Depending on your kiddo’s height they may be limited on the amount of rides that they can get on. 

However, rides are not the only thing that you can do at Disney World 

My sister-in-law took my nephew to Disney World when he was two with her family and he was happy with the simple things like eating and a bouquet of Mickey balloons. 

Height matters, but does it really matter….. No there are lots of other things to do at Disney World and even a few ride for kids any height.

Things to do for kids at Disney World that are not rides

  • Event shows 
  • Meet the characters
  • Fireworks shows
  •  Play at the playgrounds 
  • Splash at the splash pad areas 
  • Watch short films 

Rides (things to do ) for any age and any height at the 4 main parks

Magic Kingdom

  • Under the Sea -journey of the Little Mermaid ride
  • Walt Disney World Railroad 
  • Jungle cruise ride
  • The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride 
  • It’s a small-world ride 
  • Swiss family tree house
  • Liberty Square Riverboat 
  • Casey Jr. Splash and Soak station 
  • Prince charming carousel ride
  • Parade

Animal kingdom 

  • Wildlife express train 
  • Explore Disney’s unique animals 
  • Safari rides
  • Play at the playground 
  • Discovery Island trails 
  • The Bone Yard Fossil fun site 
  • Conservation station
  • Na vi river journey ride
  • Fossil fun games 
  • Affection section( put and interact with the animals)


  • Journey of Water ( Moana)
  • Bruce’s Shark World 
  • The seas with Nemo and friends ride 
  • Image works
  • Living with the land cruise ride 
  • kid cot fun stops 
  • Awesome planet film 
  • Image works
  • Journey into imagination 
  • Beauty and the Beast sing-along film 

Hollywood Studios 

  • Meet Pixar characters 
  • Star Wars Launch Bay 
  • Muppet vision 3D
  • Lightening mc queens racing academy 
  • Mickey and minnies runaway railway 
  • Vacation fun film 

The best parks to go to if your little one is not tall enough for a lot of rides are Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Magic Kingdom has the most options for kids of any age and any height. Animal Kingdom is great for kids who love animals as they will have more options to interact with the animals, play at the playground, and enjoy nature. 


The best age to go to Disney World is 5 and up, this is when your kiddos will be able to go on more rides. The second best age to take your kiddos to Disney World is 2 and under because it is FREE.

When deciding when to take your kids to Disney consider things like their height, whether they are potty trained, and the costs of tickets. Whatever age you choose to take your kiddos to Disney World, your kiddos will have fun due to the endless activities that Disney provides. 

Comment Below 

What age do you thing is best to take your kids to Disneyland or Disney World?

When did you first go to Disney? or when did you first take your kids to Disney?

Ill start

  • I first went to Disney at age 5
  • We are taking our kids to Disney this year and I have a 6 year old and an 11 year old
  • I think that ages 5 and up are best, However if your family is planning a trip already go when your kids are free which is age 2 and under.

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